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It took me 50 years to learn how to win $$$ consistently !
I pick and bet show only on certain races, not every race.  The System helps me to identify which races to play and what horses to bet on. I combine this with a unique, simple to use  betting discipline designed to produce a high net Return on each bet and each days Investment.

This is better and quicker than the stock market.

For me to lose a show bet 3 horses have to beat me !!

My goal is to net  $200 a day - and do it everyday !!

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  $ 24.95

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An Amazing and Simple  betting discipline for all who bet on the sport of  Horse Racing.

 Net $200 per day !

Now, with Simulcasting,  OTB and Online Betting you can play any racetrack in the country. On a given day you have access to betting on 100 plus races -      

Don't bet them all !  Start using this new way of choosing a playable race and selecting the right  horses to bet  on  ...  It's Very Simple, Quick and its .. REAL  !!     

CHECK it out ! - Join the thousands of other  Showbettors - Read our Member testimonials!

  This truly is  a 

  "Horse Players Pension System"

All you need is an OTB simulcast program or  DRF.


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Do yourself a favor and stop trying to pick the Winner (the best you'll do is 1 winner out of 3)  with The System the guessing  game is over - give yourself  a statistical edge .. start right now as a smart disciplined Show Bettor.


You get paid if the horse finishes 1st, 2nd or third?
This comment says it all - "You mean you get paid even if the horse finishes first, second or third and you've been losing all these years"


The horse went off 7-1 and just got beat.
How many times have you heard that comment. The best type play  is a front runner that you know will get caught.      He goes off at 7-1   he gets beat and pays $4.60 to show. 

  I'll take that every time!!

The average win price at most tracks is $11.80 or approx 5-1
That's what we are looking for. The typical show price we want is around $3.60 and wherever you play or whatever site you bet with  make sure  you get  track odds .!!!

A Horse paying $3.00 to show gives

you a 50% return on your money in

 less than 2 minutes - think and bet  like a smart Wall Street Investor     

 Take the Gamble out of Betting



Show Bettors System                     
A Wall Street financial discipline applied to show betting. Set your own betting levels. To be used for everyday multi-track betting on selective races.                Single Track/Day System (Bonus)
Use this for a "Day at the Races" outing.  Years ago it was called the "Hay Money" system for trainers. Trainers would bet for their owners and generate $50 per day for every horse they trained. 

Get the

 System Now!   

  $ 24.95


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Order now and watch  your bank  account grow !!



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